Lighthouse News

Church Lane Elementary Technology School was selected to be a Lighthouse School in 2014!

      “At Church Lane, we are very thrilled to be part of launching the S.T.A.T. initiative.  By having a device in each child’s hands, we create classrooms where personalized learning for every student is ensured. Right now our teacher teams are hard at work translating all that they have learned through our trainings and staff development into rigorous, student-centered learning in every classroom. It’s already clear that our teaching and learning environments will be transformed by this work and that our students’ success in an increasingly competitive and complex world will be ensured.” 
 Judi Devlin, Principal



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Teacher Lighthouse Reflections:
Mrs. Scherr 
Ms. Bryant
Alijah Lewis
Ms. Zelt
Mrs. Dombrowski
Ms. Frank and Mrs. Clark
Ms. Mueller
Mr. Miller
Mrs. Wurzbacher

Our Photo Gallery:

Students working hard in a blended learning environment.

5th graders using Math Talking Stems in a round table discussion on fractions.

4th graders create All About Me Discovery Ed Boards!

CLETS Staff collaborating across grade levels!