Refrigerator Page (Important School Information)

Arrival and Dismissal Expectations:


Arrival and dismissal should be structured, planned portions of the day to encourage a safe and orderly environment. There is no supervision of students BEFORE 8:45 AM.

  • Staff lines up students at 8:55AM
  • *Students attending Kids Place or Recreation will enter through their designated doors.
  • *Students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast in their classrooms.
  • Teachers and staff will be in the doorways and throughout the hallways to greet and assist our students as they arrive.
  • At 8:55 AM students will walk directly to their lockers/classrooms.
  • Walkers and car riders will be dismissed through the OUTSIDE classroom doors at approximately 3:40. Teachers will not open their outside doors until the office has announced walker/car rider dismissal.
  • Kids Place and Recreation will be dismissed by the office shortly after the walkers.
  • Bus riders and daycare van riders will remain in their classroom until their bus is called.

ANY changes in a child’s dismissal procedure MUST be documented in writing by the parent on that day or prior to that day.  Changes by telephone cannot be verified and therefore cannot be followed.


Cafeteria Prices :
Breakfast  Universal Breakfast
Lunch       $2.90
Milk          $0.60

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Special Area Times
9:20-10:10 Fourth Grade
10:20-11:10 Third Grade
11:45-12:35 FifthGrade
12:45-1:35 Kindergarten
1:40-2:30 Second Grade
2:35-3:25 Kindergarten/First Grade